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BorgWarner Transfer Cases:

We no longer offer any Borg Warner transfer cases, parts or products. We also do not recommend BorgWarner products because we have found them to be unreliable. Also, let us not forget what they have done to the American workers and families who slaved for them for a lifetime only to be kicked to the curb for profit. Not a surprise that they are opening plants off American soil to further their profits made from Americans. They seem to care only about making money for their shareholders and damn the America who made them the company they are.

Please let us know if you want to sensor anymore of our web pages or sites. We will be happy to comply with your threats. We have hundreds of sites and will gladly have each and every one edited to your specifications.

1. BorgWarner Inc opening a new facility in Manesar, near New Delhi, India.
BW closes Muncie Indiana plant, eliminating a time it employed about 6,000 Americans.
2. BorgWarner expands its facility in Ningbo, China. Builds a million Turbos.
158 jobs leaving Central New York as BorgWarner closes its Cortland facility.
3. In Brazil, BorgWarner builds a new engine and drivetrain production facility.
"When you spend 21 years it's kind of a shocker," said one American worker.
4. BorgWarner acquires the Swedish-based Traction Systems.
"It's corporate greed. Did you see the stock price said another American worker.
5. A second facility opens at BorgWarner's campus in Arnstadt, Germany.
Borg-Warner Stock hit an all time high this afternoon.
6. BorgWarner opens new facilities in Korea, France, Germany and China.
Two other major plant closings in Indiana, Connersville this fall, putting 890 Americans out of work.
7. BorgWarner opens an office in Shanghai.
Say it isn't so. What about America?
8. BorgWarner opens a new plant in Korea.
Yeah, they need our jobs. Don't forget the nice Asain folks who brought you fortune during WWII. Thanks BW, we love you too.

BorgWarner Transfer Cases.
BorgWarner 1305
BorgWarner 1345
BorgWarner 1350
BorgWarner 1354
BorgWarner 1356
BorgWarner 1359
BorgWarner 1370
BorgWarner 4401
BorgWarner 4405
BorgWarner 4406
BorgWarner 4407
BorgWarner 4470
BorgWarner 4472